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Great design is simple design. It requires courage to leave white space, but the space allows us to breath. Design with courage and allow your product to sell itself.

I have a long background in both print and web design and can cover all requirements you may have, from flyers, brochures, posters, business stationary to web banners, animated GIFs website layout design. I can handle the whole process from concept to delivery.


A good brand needs consistency and clarity. A clear message & a strong identity.

Within the Branding element I can brand a new company from scratch, working closely with management. I can also conduct a full rebrand and produce Brand Guidelines for your company to streamline the look and feel of all your marketing materials.


I started with my photography before digital was  as prevalent as it is today. I loved my time with black & white photography in the darkroom. It taught me a lot about lighting and composition and try to get the right shot first time.


Digital SLRs have shown me a freedom that film didnt. I miss the unpredictability of film, the excitment of developing, but still love the joy of showing others a perspective they had never considered.



I can provide you with simple html emails to promote your products. I can complete the photography myself or recommend stick libraries for you. I can manage the whole campaign with experience of various email clients including Mailchimp and Total Send


I can build simple WordPress templates from scratch, the challenge of coding is brilliant. I can also install pre-made themes, set them up, get them functioning how you need and insert your content plus give you training on how to maintain it yourself, saving you money and time and giving you more control of your own site.


I have over two years experience within education, having been an in-house designer in a secondary school (11-16 years olds) in London. The work ranged from branding, to photography, print and web design plus also some projects with the autism provision. I have a great insight into what does an doesn’t work within this type of structure, appealing to multiple audience of students, parents and govenors.



As a native English speaker, I am also offering copywriting services for those who want their publications in English for the international market.


I can also provide courses in Adobe CC, Photography and WordPress CMS. With experience teaching teenagers as part of their GCSE courses or courses provided by the council.


I am an independent, dedicated and motivated person. I love colour, photography and simple design. I became self-employed seven years ago so I could focus more on my creative work. I have learnt a lot working for myself; from learning how best to manage clients, meet deadlines and stay in control of every job and all aspects of running a company. I have learned to love lists, they ensure I am organised and deliver my projects on time, even when working on multiple projects simultaneously.

I am a determined and hard working person, I love to work with others and be inspired. Design is great, great design is even better, simple design is difficult.

I have worked with Christina for over 13 years, she has always been consistently hardworking, contentious and thorough. She always meets her deadlines, manages her time effectively and is incredibly flexible. I have no hesitation in recommending her and often have!

George Sitwell

Director, Joia das Dunas


  • InDesign 88%
  • Illustrator 72%
  • PhotoShop 78%
  • Photography 82%


The journey

The joy is in the journey not the destination, life is the ultimate journey where you never stop learning, I hope to constantly learn, evolve and better my skills.


I am really enjoying learning Danish and now living here having to put what I have learnt into practice, its a tricky language, but I never shy away from a challenge!


The joy is in the journey not the destination, life is the ultimate journey where you never stop learning, I hope to constantly learn, evolve and better my skills.

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